ADV ADV OU Winter Seasonal #6 - Round 2

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calling act, didn't see the ping for this tour so contacted quite late but opponent hasn't logged in since I tried to schedule
Would like to request an extension, I've had limited computer/internet access this week due to travelling to a remote area and we couldn't quite settle on a time. Should be easy enough to play in the next couple of days


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Chris Chien Pao  vs  gorditoconbigote
Carkoala  vs  Eulelp
bydy  vs  Nopro123
evakiyama!  vs  TDR
Meru  vs  goldmason
Deezcastforms  vs  Imaboostedanimalxd
SupaSky  vs  temp
xXBootyPopperXx  vs  Onraider
drxco23  vs  Underlying
MasterRDF  vs  DaviDXrt
avarice  vs  lele3
bent  vs  BIG WILL
Blox  vs  NotVeryCake
devin  vs  Quarante8
Jfaun  vs  adorluigi
shadowtime2000  vs  gradyszn
HaxxSel  vs  Alice Kazumi
Pakawaka  vs  Nugget O Silver
unreal reshiram  vs  Yoink 0
Shoot  vs  Cbass97
7JESSHERE7  vs  Colteor
D4MC04  vs  Alecss
AV11  vs  timbero
Incognition  vs  Zpanther19
Hydromissfocushit  vs  LotiHorizonLegends
vmvirtualmachine  vs  etern
MTB  vs  Tanuj6489
Stella_R  vs  Bless
Miguel63pro  vsskimmythegod
zaydapoketrainer  vs  Legendary3128
BrunnoGreen  vs  Vermillion Gangsta
Thebummyking  vs  BIG loven
false  vs  Hyogafodex
Estuardo19  vs  KeshBa54
Sensibility  vs  Abyssal Ruins


VEONZXVZX  vs  Sir Artichoke
יְדִיעֲאֵל†  vs  C4mus
ChickenFruit  vs  spell
King Billu  vs  doonpau
JadedAbsol  vs  Askov
kitu7796  vs  Joga
Marshy.  vs  Forblaze On Em
3d  vs  innovamania
JC Henríquez G  vs  5imian
Shakur  vs  yofreshbro6969


leo568  vs  Void

Extended matches are due by Wednesday, February 14th at 11:59 PM GMT-5.
Round 3 will be up in a moment.
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